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Rhodope lilies in Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik


Recently, New Thracian Gold experts counted more than 40 blooming Rhodope lilies (Lilium rhodopaeum) on the territory of the protected site "Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik”.  

The Rhodope lily is a local endemic species that inhabits the temperate wet meadows and pastures  in the beech and coniferous zones near to the Greek border from Kirkovo to Smolyan. The Rhodope lily is a perennial bulb flower. Its stem is 35-130 cm high. It blooms with beautiful yellow flowers.

The  Rhodope lily is included in the Red Book with status "critical protected". The entire world population does not exceed several thousand plants and it is highly fragmented.
The protected site "Gyumyurdjinsky snezhnik" covers an area of almost 2,000 ha. The area  is a protected site since2003, especially because of the  the Rhodope lily and the centuries-old beech forests of spruce, yew and holly.

In the Crossbill guidebook for naturalists, which will be published in 2013, a special route is planned passing through "Gyumyurdjinsky snezhnik". This will assist nature tourists to visit this special site.


See here more about "Gyumyurdjinsky snezhnik"  and here about the flora of the Eastern Rhodopes

Photo by Stefan Avramov



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