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Mitko who does not live in Facebook

bTB website publishes an article about Mitko from the Wild Farmin the village of Gormo Pole, Municipality of Madzharovo. The title isMitko who does not live in Facebook.

Mitko is the son of the Vassilievi family that is developing rural tourism in the Eastern Rhodopes. He is only 12, but already an excellent guide for the tourists visiting the region: showing them the sites around and explaining how the cattle of the rare local breed Shorthorn Rhodopean Cattle is raised. This is his role in the family business. Next to the farm Mitkos family has built a guest house with the support of New Thracian Gold project.

The Vassilievi have a large herd of 400 cattle. Enthusiastically, little Mitko tells with many details how the cattle are raised. You can see that he knows the animals and is able to maintain the herd.

In the summer, the family brings the herd to Belmeken where from July till the end of the autumn the animals have very good pastures. The best time for Mitko is August when the family lives in a tent near the Ibar Peak and moves on horses with the herd. In the coming three months Mitko is not going to visit Facebook, he will have other activities, the article concludes.


See here the photo story and the video about Mitko

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