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New website about the Egyptian Vulture

Detailed information on the Egyptian vultures can be found on the recently launched website of the project The Return of the Neophron: . The project is a Bulgarian-Greek initiative financed by LIFE + program of the European Union and the "A.G.Leventis". In Bulgaria the project is coordinated by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB)

The ambition of the project is to provide information on the delicate conservation status and to find a better conservation strategy. The high-quality website offers news, research findings and studies, video surveillance of nests with specialized equipment and everything connected with the last Egyptian vultures in Bulgaria and Greece, for which the Eastern Rhodopes are a core area..

BSPB installed a webcam at a nest site to collect data of everyday family life of the smallest of the Bulgarian vultures. In May the bird couple hatched two chicks with a couple of days time interval. The size difference of the two chicks is obvious as can be seen here.

NTG is convinced that the project The Return of the Neophron brings new hope for this rare species.


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