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A bear and a cub in the Eastern Rhodopes

Recently, employees of Forestry Agency - Krumovgrad department noticed traces of a bear and its cub in the area on the department. According to local hunters these were tracks of two bear cubs.


This is the first known present-day reproduction of a bear in the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes. The NTG team hopes that this bear and her young will survive and delight us with their presence.


In the past 20 years they are severalseparate sightings of bears in the entire eregion. The bear, however, have been killed by poachers.


Last year a bear went from Mezek to Harmanli and then into direction of Ivailovgrad region. Traces of another were found south of Kirkovo.

Twenty years ago a bear has lived almost two years in the forests south of Studen kladenets but later disappeared, most probably killed by poachers. Another bear was illegally killed later near the village of Popska during hunting of wild swines by local hunting groups.


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