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2011: 2000 Tourists and Nature Lovers in the Vulture Center

In 2011, around 2000 Bulgarian and foreign tourists and nature visitors have visited the Nature Conservation Center Eastern Rhodopes in Madzharovo known as the Vulture Center.  This information is in the annual report of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) published on 31 May on its website.

The tourists are mainly from Sofia and Varna (at the Black Sea coast) and the period of the most visits was in August. The Ambassadors of the Netherlands and Belgium are among the prominent   guests who were fascinated by the beauty and magic of the region of the Eastern Rhodopes, the report says.

Rikus and Sijmen, the two Dutch Charity Ambassadors who visited the Eastern Rhodopes in August 2011 to witness the results of the New Thracian Gold project were impressed by the vultures and the high biodiversity of this region.

See here the 2011 report of BSPB (in Bulgarian)

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