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Photo Story of Orchids from the Eastern Rhodopes in Top 10

The photo story of the two NTG experts on wildlife and biodiversity Stefan Avramov and Hristo Hristov “The Orchids in the Eastern Rhodopes” published in Dnevnik daily in June 2011 is in the Top 10 of the most recommended stories in section Na pat (On the road).

On the road started in April 2011 and very quickly became one of the most popular sections of the newspaper.

The photo story of Stefan and Hristo is ranked five among the most recommended by the readers story: it got seventy recommendations!

Most people link the orchids to the tropical countries and only a very few know that orchids grow in the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and in the Balkans including many locations in Bulgaria and especially, in the Eastern Rhodopes. May and June is the orchid's season. You still have time to see them!

The region of Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad is the paradise for the orchid lovers. Here you can see 26 types of these beautiful flowers.

See here more about a rare orchid in the Eastern Rhodopes  and here  -  an interesting story about  the Loose-flowered orchid

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