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Thousands of Wild Tulips

Thousands of wild tulips cover the slopes of the Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik protected site in the Eastern Rhodopes for a week in the spring. The biodiversity expert in the NTG project Stefan Avramov witnessed their blossom and took photos.

The wild tulip (Tulipa australis) is a protected species. You can see it also in the gorge of Kresna, Belasitsa Mountain (South Western Bulgaria) and in area of Bakadzhitsite near Sliven (Eastern Bulgaria).

Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik is the only place in the Eastern Rhodopes where the endangered Rhodope lily (Lilium rhodopaeum) can be found.

See here more about the Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik and here – about the flora of the Eastern Rhodopes


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