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“New Thracian Gold” partner of the Regional Administration in Kardzhali

By invitation of the Governor of Kardzhali, Ivanka Taushanova, representatives of the “New Thracian Gold” (NTG) participated in the meeting of the Regional Advisory Board of Agriculture on the topic “How to develop a successful business in organic farming.” The meeting on May 23 was organized jointly with the project’s team.

The coordinator for organic farming in the NTG, associate prof. Vladislav Popov, deliverd a presentation on the “Terms and conditions for the development of organic enterprises in the region of Eastern Rhodopes - the experience of the New Thracian Gold” . Petko Angelov organic farmer and partner of “New Thracian Gold” and the agronomist Georgi Koichev shared their experiences.

Representatives of local governments, mayors and chiefs of municipal departments of Agriculture and Forestry showed a keen interest in the topics. The prospect of realizing  organic production from the region of Kardzhali for both  Bulgaria and abroad, as an alternative to tobacco, also sparked interest among the participants.

Prof. Popov and the farmers of NTG expressed readiness to assist them through the project by providing advisory and training activities at request.

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