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Suslik Near Kardzhali Lake

A Suslik population was found in May near Kardzhali lake by the experts of the Crossbill Guides team who are working on a guidebook of the Eastern Rhodopes for eco tourists and nature lovers.

Kardzhali and the areas around was the last stop of the two week trip of the Crossbill team in the Eastern Rhodopes and they were very happy to see and photograph a suslik. It was a joyful moment because it is one of the star species of the region and it is not easy to find, they wrote in Crossbill facebook page.

The appearance and habits of this steppe-dweller remind one of the Meerkats of the African Savannah. Like most steppe-animals its numbers are declining sharply, mostly due to destruction and fragmentation of their habitat (grazed and herb-rich grasslands).

The Crossbill experts will return to the Eastern Rhodopes in July to continue their field research and we hope they will surprise us with more discoveries and unique photos of the rich biodiversity of the region.

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