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The Karakachan Horse Herd Near Ivaylovgrad is Growing

With six horses - three males and three females, the herd of the Karakachan horses increased this spring. The herd is created within New Thracian Gold project (NTG). The horses are raised in an nature friendly way in the Natura 2000 area Byala Reka near the village Kostilkovo, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad.

With the newborn foals the total number of horses in the herd to 20. The young Karakachan horses feel good and started already grazing.

The Karakachan horse herd in the area of Ivaylovgrad consists of a harem - a stallion, his mares and their foals. The growing male horses are kicked out of the herd and form the so called men's club, which now includes two young stallions.

The Karakachan horses are a rare primitive breed of domestic horse, extremely durable and adapted to the rigor life conditions.

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