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Lecture on Natural Grazing in the Eastern Rhodopes

"Natural grazing and large herbivores in the Eastern Rhodopes" was the theme of the lecture, which Hristo Hristov, the wildlife coordinator in the project New Thracian Gold (NTG) delivered during conservation and education camp "Kartali". The camp was organized by the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds from 1 to 6 May 2012 on the southern shore of the lake "Studen Kladenets".

This is the second cycle of lectures on the topic, which aims to educate young people about the ecological role of large herbivores and the natural grazing as a tool to maintain the ecosystems based on the successful experience of NTG project in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Attendees asked basic questions about the rare local breeds which are bred in the Eastern Rhodopes and their impact on the habitats.

Over 100 people from across the country, mostly young people took part in "Kartali 2012". NTG was a co-organizer of the initiative.

See photos from "Kartali 2012" here
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