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The Eastern Rhodopes in the Exhibition “Rediscovering Bulgaria“

The Cromlech, known as "The Bulgarian Stonehenge", and the Roman road near the village of Dolni Glavanak are the two Eastern Rhodopian landmarks in the exhibition of  the "Rediscovering Bulgaria"  expedition (1 – 15 May, 2012). The exhibition is arranged on the Bridge in Sofia that connects NDK, the National Palace of Culture and the Hilton hotel.

The Cromlech near to the village of Dolni Glavanak is a Thracian  megalithic cult monument. It is constructed of large vertical stone blocks which are placed in a circle. The Dolni Glavanak Cromlech is unique because it is the only preserved megalithic monument of this kind in Bulgaria. The world’s most famous monument of this kind is Stonehenge in Southern England.

 The old Roman road near the village of Dolni Glavanak is a fork of the Via Diagonalis that passed through the Balkans from Singidunum (today's  Belgrade) via  Serdika (today's Sofia) to Constantinople, connecting Europe with Asia Minor. The road in Dolni Glavanak established the connection between the Eastern Rhodopes  and  Adrianople (current Edirne) and was already used by the Thracians in pre-Roman times.

The foto exhibition in Sofia presents 58 photographs of historical monuments selected by a team of the "Rediscovering Bulgaria” expedition. The initiative is part of the cultural events supporting the candidacy of Sofia for European capital of culture in 2019.

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