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Outdoor performance of the play “Greenwild” at the Tarpan days

For the first time excerpts from the show "Greenwild" of the Theatre of Sofia University Alma Alter will be played on stage in the open - on April 29 in the third and final day of the Tarpan Days in the Eastern Rhodopes, near the abandoned village of Sbor, in the municipality of Krumovgrad. The improvised scene is just meters from the location where since September 2011 a herd of semi-wild found a new home.

Greenwild” is a play of Dimitar Atanasov, novelist and playwriter from Plovdiv, based on his novel "Tarpans." The novel’s theme is the eternal quest for freedom and the story is about the fate of a herd of wild horses, that chose death over slavery in the hands of humans.

The author of the novel Dimitar Atanasov, performance team - Nikolai Georgiev, director, choreographer Petya Yosifova and actors will meet the tarpans for the first time. For the team of the Bulgarian-Dutch project "New Thracian Gold" that reintroduced the tarpans to the area and for the locals and the tourists it will be interesting to see the outdoor play. The public will have the opportunity for discussion with the writer Dimitar Atanasov, the director Nikolay Gueorguiev and the performers. The outdoor theater event and the discussion are the signatureof the Theatre-laboratory of "Alma Alter" - interactivity: the audience becomes a key player in all performances.

"Tarpans" was written in 1992 and now has two editions in Bulgaria. In 2010 the novel was published in German language by the Berlin publishing house "Dittrich" (title: Die unvertraegliche Freiheit). . Both the novel and the play received numerous awards in national competitions.

The first performance of "Greenwild" was in 2000 in Alma Alter Theatre, directed by Nikolai Georgiev, followed by206 performances. Seventeen of these in English, at prestigious international festivals in Cairo, Dijon, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Prague, Bucharest, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and others. The renowned Egyptian critic Rana Adel wrote for the show in the magazine "Experiment":

"Who is thinking about freedom as a physical necessity, not only as an intellectual one? Bulgarian group makes it in "Greenwild", the actors ask: Does the human body have sounds that express its thrills, sensations, impulses ... Are there any color? Aroma? Expression? Voice? It is the treatment of physical liberty that is new. The show is built through body language, the language of gestures and movements - fast, sharp, unpredictable, but always dynamic and rhythmic. The body unlocks the inner animal. The free body turns into beauty, joy, flight ... but also a fear. "

The second theater play is from March this year, again directed by Nikolai Georgiev and again in Alma Alter Theater, but with new actors. The play will also be performed in Plovdiv in early June during the International Theatre Festival "The Black Box".

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