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Entrepreneurs from Ivaylovgrad received certificates for English language

13 entrepreneurs from the region of Ivaylovgrad received certificates for a successfully completed course in English, organized and financed by the “The New Thracian Gold" project.

From October 2010 till the end of February, the owners of hotels/guest houses and employees in sectors related to tourism passed primary level A1 of  "New Inside Out" system.

"The New Thracian Gold" is planning for the thirteen a second level of  English language course next year. Meanwhile, in the high tourist season in spring and summer they will have the opportunity for "langauge exercises" with English speaking tourists to the Eastern Rhodopes.

By the end of this month two more courses of English language courses will be finalized - levels Beginner (A1) and Elementary (A2) - in the area of Madzharovo.

“The Thracian Gold" plans to organize next year English courses for tourism entrepreneurs and experts in Madzharovo and Krumovgrad (the region of Studen kladenets).

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