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The first Egyptian Vulture for This Year Spotted Near Madzharovo

The first Egyptian Vulture for this year was spotted in the area of Madjarovo according to the website of the  Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) writes. A few days  later more birds arrived as additional observations in Greece and Northern Bulgaria show.

The birds return from the warm tropical and subtropical countries where they spent the winter months. Late March they return to the Balkans to breed here. Like other spring migrants such as swallows and White Stork the Egyptian Vulture is a symbol of the awakening of nature.  The Eastern Rhodopes are the area where most Bulgarian vultures breed. Local people call the Egyptian Vulture akbuba, the white father, expressing respect  for the bird’s  reputation of  bringing wisdom and peace to areas where it nests.

Egyptian Vulture has always been seen as a helper of mankind: in the past when large numbers occurred it acted as a natural nurse preventing the spread of diseases and epidemics.  At present, on the brink of extinction, it acts as an indicator of clean nature and as an attraction for tourists . Recently, thanks to this special bird a new possibility is available for additional funding for farmers and breeders in Measure 214 "Agri-environment payments" of the Program for  Rural Development.

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