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Representative of the NTG project participated in a roundtable discussion on poaching

Stefan Avramov, expert on biodiversity in the project "New Thracian Gold" gave a presentation at the national round table against poaching.  This event was organized by the Executive Agency of Forestry within the context of the international exhibition "Nature, Hunting and Fishing 2012" (28 March -1 April ) in Plovdiv.

The round table was attended by more than 80 representatives of the Executive Forestry Agency, Ministry of Environment and Water, the state hunting reserves, Regional Directorate of Forestry, national hunting unions, BirdLife Bulgaria and Green Balkans.

In his presentation Stefan Avramov proposed to intensify the fight against poaching by improving the implementation of existing legislation:

  • To provide financial incentives to the guard for any caught poacher;
  • To create full publicity and visibility of all cases of poaching;
  • To provide adequate legal assistance for case management;

The national hunting unions - NLRS-SLRB and BLRS and various individual participants at the roundtable  also came up with suggestions for anti-poaching measurements.

The NTG-proposals were positively received and will be reviewed later by the National Council of Hunting.

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