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Study on the Golden Eagle in the Rhodopes

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of the Birds (BSPB) and Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS / BirdLife Greece) start a two-year joint project "Ecology of the Golden Eagle in the Rhodope Mountains" which includes areas in the Eastern and Western Rhodopes in Bulgaria and Greece.

The main project objectives are to provide a basis for future monitoring of the nesting population of Golden eagle, to determine the age structure and the breeding density of the population.  Additionally, information about conservation status and threats will be collected for Golden eagle and other raptors in the area.

In 2012, the project will start in Bulgaria with the monitoring of traditional breeding sites and searching  for new locations. Establishing a network of experts, professional ornithologists and bird watchers alike, to cooperate in the field survey is an essential part of the project.

Anyone who would like to join the project can contact the project coordinator for Bulgaria. See here (in Bulgarian)

   Pic: Richard Bartz (


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