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Red Wine of NTG Producer Won a Prize at Expos FoodTech and Vinaria in Plovdiv

Cabernet Franc from the Tokmakli brand of our New Thracian Gold-partner, the organic farmer Mr. Yonko Todorov from Stambolovo region, won the second-prize of the contest for best red-wine Consumer's choice at FoodTech Expo and Vinaria Expo in Plovdiv (15-18 March). Visitors and guests tasted food and wine to choose the best Bulgarian products exposed at the both exhibitions.

As a recognition of  New Thracian Gold (NTG) very successful presentation at BioAgra 2012 in Plovdiv a week before the project has been invited to FoodTech and Vinaria. The project stand displayed processed products from an NTG three major partners: 'Jam and Jam' fruit processor (first series of jams containing rose-hips, strawberries, etc. from the NTG Eastern Rhodopes target area,  'Bloksten-BG-Standard' EOOD managed by our NTG leading bio-grape and wine producer Yonko Todorov and meat-processing factory 'Asenovgrad' that the project hopes to involve in buying and processing bio-certified beef of Betty&Nikolay (Wild Farm) and other cattle-farmers from the region of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Besides tasting of the wine from organic grapes of Yonko Todorov, salami and jam of NTG partners companies, the visitors were presented with the history and development of the NTG project.

Representatives of the project used the opportunities of the two exhibitions for establishing of  several news contacts.

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