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The Rhodopes are Among the 10 Best Tours in Europe

The Rhodopes are in the Top 10 of Europe's best tours of the American edition of National Geographic Traveler news magazine.

The Rhodope Mountains are the ideal place for hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, and spelunking.The opportunity of an instant camp site in the meadows full of flowers and spending the night under the stars is anotheradvantage of going there.

The Rhodopes are  one on the best mountain destinations in Europe  for sport and family vacations.

The Rhodopes, Swiss Alps and Caucasus are the only mountainous destinations in the top 10 ranking of National Geographic Traveler news magazine. The ranking list further includes bicycle tours along the Danube River through the territories of Austria, Hungary and Slokavia or on the Riviera of France and Italy, kayaking in Scotland and culinary adventures in Italy or Spain.

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