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Crossbill Guides Announces Eastern Rhodopes Nature Guidebook

Crossbil Guides announces in its March newsletter the publication in 2013 of the Eastern Rhodopes nature guidebook. This is very good news for New Thracian Gold and for the nature tourists who want to discover this fantastic nature destination.

Crossbill Guides produces high standard guidebooks to renowned nature areas in Europe. So far 11 volumes were published. Crossbill Guides are in English language and have a very good reputation among naturalist tourists.

The Eastern Rhodopes Crossbill Guide covers the Bulgarian and Greek territory of the Eastern Rhodopes. This will help the Greek tourists discovering the Bulgarian region as well. This nature guidebook brings the famous Dadia forest and Evros and Nestos Wetlands in one volume with the Arda, Maritsa, Byala Reka areas and the Madzharovo, Studen Kladenets nature reserve.

The Crossbill guide on the Eastern Rhodopes is supported financially and with expertise by New Thracian Gold project.

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