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Bulgarian Cuisine under UNESCO protection

Products from the Bulgarian cuisine could be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage,  Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Foods Svetlana Boyanova said at the opening

of  „Salon International de L’agriculture” 2012 in Paris (25 February – 4 March 2012).

The same protection could also be given to Bulgarian folk arts, such as music, dances and crafts.

Boyanova mentioned that France already has put her cuisine under UNESCO protection.


This year, New Thracian Gold (NTG) team is planning to publish a Recipe Book of the Eastern Rhodopean specialities, which is elaborated by the NTG officer on organic farming Vladislav Popov. See here to find out about some of those special recipes.

The Eastern Rhodopean cuisine is not very well-known yet. NTG hopes to raise its fame with the recipe book.

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