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News on the Tarpans in Sbor

Tarpans, the wild horses reintroduced six months ago in the area near the village of Sbor, Krumovgrad Municipality are doing very well. You can see this from the photos sent to the NTG team by Anka Mladenova and her husband Mladen who take care of the horses.

After their arrival in the Eastern Rodopes in September 2011 the tarpans  were released in an enclosure of approximately 1,5 hectare. This area was protected by a 2 meter high wooden fence, with electric wires on the in- and outside. On 1 November the horses were able to use more land during daytime (4.2hectare), which is fenced with only two electric lines. During the night the horses were guided back into the better protected area. In December the grazing area was enlarged up to 17 hectares and the horses stayed there day and night.

There was high snow in January and February, but the horses are in a good condition. The tarpans are fed with a small portion of hay  every day at their enclosure. This extra food keeps the animals connected with their terrain.

The plan is to keep the horses inside the small enclosure this spring after the new foals are born.

All interested in tarpans can come and see them during the Tarpan days in the end of April. See more in Calendar

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