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Over 3.4 million leva will be invested into modernization of farms and organic agriculture

Fifteen farms applying for funding through Measure 121 “Modernization of agricultural holdings” of the Program for Rural Development, will receive a total of 3,453,010 leva, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced.

Four of the approved farms  within the "Agriculture" State Fund today, are organic farming projects. New plantings of apples,almonds, raspberries, hazelnuts, walnuts, figs and other crops will be grown organically. The four companies will buy seed, fertilizer, a drip irrigation system and other facilities and equipment necessary for their transition to organic production.

The remaining 11 projects are for animal breeding. The largest grant of 1.3 million was received by a farm for the breeding of ducks. Two projects of cattle farms were approved to prevent water pollution by nitrates from agricultural sources. Five cattle farms and a dairy sheep farm will buy machines for milking and breeding animals, equipment for cleaning and the use of the fertilizer.


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