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The New Thracian Gold on BBT

The achievements of the project NTG and its future initiatives were presented on BBT’s morning show from the project experts Stefan Avramov and Iva Toncheva.

The reason for the interview was the initiative of the project to reintroduce the red deer on the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes.

The three components of the project were discussed: wildlife, ecotourism and organic farming.

In response to a question about future activities on the project, the experts talked about the upcoming launch of the first tourist guide for the Eastern Rhodopes, the participation of the project in the tourism fair in February in Sofia and BioAgra in Plovdiv later in March, the planned reintroduction of the aurochs in the area, and about the opportunity Eastern Rhodopes to become part of a broader program Rewilding Europe.


Madzharovo is a small Eastern Rhodopean town with approximately 500 inhabitants. The town is named after its protector from 1913 - Dimitar...

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Organic model farm

ORGANIC MODEL-FARM TOPOLOVO village,  MADZHAROVO municipality  This model-farm plays a key-role in the New Thracian Gold (NTG)...

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