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Virtual Guide Presents the Cultural Sites in the Rhodopes

A virtual guide will present the cultural attractions and sites in the Rhodope Mountains in the territory of Smolyan, Kardzhali and Evros (Greece), the Association of Rhodope Municipalities (ARM) announces.

The map for virtual crossbordering trips is being developed under a project implemented by the ARM and the Regional Association of Municipalities of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece.

The two associations of municipalities will develope a website for promotion of Bulgarian, Greek and English cultural tourism routes in the transbordering region. The total project is 210 thousand euros.


Located in the most southern part of the Rhodopes, the area of Ivaylovgrad enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Olive trees and Laurel show it....

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Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle

Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle are the breed with the least specimens in Bulgaria. It’s a primitive form of Bos Taurus Brachyceros, left...

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