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NTG Shepherd is One of the Winners in Contest for Support Biodiversity

Miroslav Huskov, breeder and member of a focus group within New Thracian Gold project (NTG), won a competition for supporting the local farmers in areas with high biodiversity.

About a 1.5 month ago Green Balkans, with the financial support of the German Foundation EURONATUR announced a competition for help farmers and breeders working in areas with high biodiversity as protected areas in Natura 2000 and Green Bel". Nearly 100 farmers from the municipalities of Ivaylovgrad, Svilengrad, Topolovgrad, Elhovo, Bolyarovo and Tundzha.

Miroslav lives and works in the village
of Plevun in the nature area of Byala Reka (White River) - Ivaylovgrad municipality. He applied for brushcutter (mower) which could help him for quick and efficient maintaining of used by him pastures and keeping them in better agroecological conditions.

Miroslav told NTG team he is going to use the brushcutter for maintaining an area of 50 ha. He also got three rams of Charollais sheep. Miroslav intention is to ennoble his herd of 280 sheep-mothers he has since 2004.

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