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Bulgaria's Ecotourism Presented in London

At a special meeting with British journalists in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism presented the abundant opportunities for ecotourism in Bulgaria. The event was organised to promote Bulgarian tourism at the UK market. The journalists had the opportunity to taste Bulgarian wines and traditional national Christmas dishes.

The presentation provided lots of information about various forms of green tourism, like observing wildlife and biodiversity, visiting national parks, and adventurous tourism, like rafting, rock climbing, exploring caves, etc. The British media representatives were impressed by Bulgaria's rich biodiversity despite the country's small size. Most of them acknowledged that the information was very convincing. For ecotourism Bulgaria is considered to be a very promising destination.

Bulgaria has over 320 registered "Natura 2000" areas, which cover more than one third of its territory. 114 of these sites are particularly important for its rich bird fauna. The country is a paradise for birdwatchers with over 400 species of birds. Although birdwatching is a very popular kind of ecotourism, there is a lot more to be seen. Bulgaria has many wild mammals to offer and a good deal of very interesting reptiles, amfibia, butterflies and an extremely rich wild flora.

The Eastern Rhodopes are among the regions with the highest biodiversity in Bulgaria and in Europe. The flora of the Eastern Rhodopes includes 1962 plant species and a total of 4329 animal species, of which many are really special. The region hosts almost 75% of Bulgaria's bird fauna. The Eastern Rhodopes are the only Bulgarian breeding site for the Griffon vulture and the most important breeding area for the globally threatened Egyptian vulture on the Balkan peninsula. The region is one of the best strongholds for the wolf, jackal and the otter in Bulgaria. See more about the Eastern Rhodopes

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