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NTG Travelling Seminars

In November NTG organised twice a travelling seminar with nine Eastern Rhodopes entrepreneurs in farming and tourism. Main objective was to see how the NTG-colleagues are running and organising their B&B's. The group visited Mezzek, Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad.

Visited sites are Mezzek winery, Sakar hills campsite, Thrakijskata kashta in Borislavtsi, all the houses and the Wild farm in the village of Gorno Pole, Topolovo model farm, the house of Dimo in Popovets, Restaurant Madrets, the Tarpans in Sbor, Pelevun sheep barn and plans for ecotourism and tourist attractions, Hotel Luxor in Ivaylovgrad, Hotel Armira in Ivaylovgrad, Vila Armira, Tahini shop, the Fig house in the village of Svirachi, Yamantiev winery, Light Castle Restaurant and Winery, private game reserve and tourist complex in Greece (near the border with Ivaylovgrad).

During both trips usefull connections have been established. The participants exchanged ideas for joint products and better cooperation: like hotels in Ivaylovgrad to advertise the rural tourism in Pelevun, or people in Rabovo/Potochnitsa to give more information on the Tarpans in Sbor.

The visit to the Tarpans herd gave everybody better understanding of the NTG-objectives and of the Rewiding Europe concept.

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