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The First Bulgarian Tarpan Horses Are in Excellent Condition

The Tarpan horses reintroduced early September in the area of the village of Sbor, Krumovgrad Municipality are in excellent condition.

 In the beginning of November the horses were allowed from the small enclosure (1 ha) into a larger one (2 ha). Additionally, one of the mares was provided with a satellite collar to study the animal’s daily activity in detail. To protect the horses from wolf attacks they return every night inside the small enclosure. Although, there are no clear signs that the horses already encountered wolves, their behaviour did change . Initially the horses just showed curiosity when seeing dogs, two months later the horses have a more aggressive attitude.

 Fokko Erhart, the wildlife expert of the NTG project, visited the region in November and was very positive: “The horses are doing well and behaved quite happy with the fresh grasses and some extra exercise”.

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