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NTG at the third Green Innovation Forum

Prof. Vladislav Popov, coordinator of the organic farming component of the  New Thracian Gold project participated in the third Green Innovation Forum. He urged forum participants to turn to rural areas where the population is aging and poor, but possesses a great wealth of well preserved nature and good conditions for organic farming and quality food, said "Dnevnik" newspaper.

According to Popov it is also important to understand their role in this area because currently utilization of structural EU funds is only 16.6%, while in Austria, for example the "Rural Development programme" utilizes 60% of the funds.

"Those farmers in Bulgaria are having a really hard time, said Popov. They do not know where to look, because with some activities the Ministry of Regional Development  is involved , the subsidies are distributed by the Ministry of Agriculture, and ecotourism is handled by MEET." According to him, this does not hinder the development of rural areas.

On 29 November organized the green business event Green Innovation Forum for the third consecutive year. The idea of the forum is to bring together Bulgarian and foreign companies interested in sustainable business practices and green innovation. They shared their experience in implementing green solutions in the field of food production, more efficient use of water and raw materials. These were the three main topics of this year's event, as on food, water and raw materials separate panels at the forum were dedicated.

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