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Contracts for Support under the RDP for Nearly BGN 19 Million are Being Signed

This week 80 of approved candidates will be invited to Fund "Agriculture" to sign contracts for support under the RDP Measures 311, 312 and 121. The total value of subsidies for them is nearly BGN 19 million, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Over BGN 12 million will be paid under 43 projects for the creation and development of micro enterprises under Measure 312 of the RDP. Approved projects under Measure 311 "Diversification into non-agricultural activities" are 4. They will be supported by nearly BGN 1.3 million. Investments under the two measures are oriented to integrated rural tourism and the construction of photovoltaic plants.

Another 33 candidates will modernize their farms with subsidies of BGN 5,304,830 under Measure 121 "Modernization of farms". Farmers will invest in dairy and poultry farming, as well as protection of the environment by bringing their farms in accordance with the requirements of the Nitrates Directive. Some of the candidates planned to switch from conventional to organic production.



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