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Share of experience trip

The share-of-experience trip for 12 entrepreuners from Eastern Rhodopi area was organized in the beginning of the month of October for 4 days in Strandzha Mountains. Brashlyan

Some of the purposes of the training:

  • to share good practices and ideas with Strandzha people who already walked the way the ER people just started to walk on

  • to persuade the ER people that working together under one regional brand could be successful only if all involved parts are united and have similar vision for development

  • to show the ER people that developing extra services is not an easy thing to do, but it's something which add value to the main product and brings more tourists to the area

  • to show the ER people that a local association (organization, cooperative) is important if we want the ER to become a real tourist destinationBulgari

All participants were involved in previous NTG trainings during 2009 and 2010. After the information seminars in the 5 target municipalities, also the few training courses in the tourism component, a group of seriously interested people was formed. Some of them already develop small tourist activities, others are in the very beginning of becoming a part of the tourism business.

The area of Strandzha has been chosen because of:

  • registered regional brand of Strandzha

  • good development of rural tourism (for more than 10 years)

  • good personal initiative and cooperation of the local people


  1. We succeed to strengthen the relationships established in the month of May

  2. Good practices and experienced were exchanged

  3. Our ER people saw how the cooperation and common actions could become really successful for all the area

  4. The participants understood that the brand doesn't bring them tourists at 100% in the meaning that the brand is not somehow obliged to the guest houses to provide them tourists all the year round

  5. The participants understood also that they have to work hard for the brand too and to keep their quality and hospitality at the highest level, otherwise the tourists themselves won't be willing to go to them

  6. An agreement on organizing a similar trip for Strandzha people to visit the ER in Spring time 2011 was achieved

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