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NTG at AGRA 2011

 The “New Thracian Gold” project (NTG) presentation in the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA 2011 (9-13 March) raised a huge interest among visitors, organic products’ producers and processors, researchers and practitioners, environmental NGO’s and journalists.


            Many current and future farmers stopped by the stand at the project where they could get free consultancy and literature on organic agriculture and possibilities on developing organic production, organic certification, organic farming practices and other organic and NTG issues. Visitors got information on the farm in the Village of Topolovo, a demonstration farm within the project. Samples of organic honey and herbs from Madzharovo region also were exposed there with NTG logo and explanation on products and producers. 


               The fair conference hall became almost too narrow for all people who wanted to hear the presentation on the NTG concept and achievements done by Ass. Pr. Vladislav Popov, project coordinator on organic farming. Many of the listeners had to stand.


            AGRA 2011 visitors and guests tasted Eastern Rhodopes organic products such as wine, herbs and honey during the Organic products tasting on 10 March.


                NTG concept enjoyed lots of media interest. Televisions, radio stations and newspapers interviewеd Ass. Pr. Popov, Betti and Nikolay Vassilevi from the “Wild farm” in the village of Gorno pole and Krassimir Arabadzhiev, the owner of Topolovo demonstration farm.

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