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Focus groups contacts

Focus group - Kardzhali area: Galia Nikolova from Kardzhali– expert in regional advisory office of agriculture Georgi Sheremetiev – Studen Kladenets reserve, +359 889 279801,  Sabina Syulukchieva – regional...


Located in the most southern part of the Rhodopes, the area of Ivaylovgrad enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Olive trees and Laurel show it. Here you can find some of the most virgin forests in Bulgaria..Ivaylovgrad’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in the  dolmens, mounds,...

Farms and wineries

The Yamantiev Cellar - Ivaylovgrad The cellar is wholly private property and has its traditions in the making of quality red wine. It is located in the town of Ivaylovgrad, in the most eastern parts of the Eastern Rhodopes, in the south of Bulgaria. Both the Mediterranean and the...

Wineries and degustation

Winery “Trakia” in the village of Popovets Dimo Karaboyukov is a great host and inexhaustible source of stories about the Rhodope mountains, Stambolovo area and Popovets village. He can turn the tape of his family more than a century ago and tell you amazing stories about the...