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Fauna of the Eastern Rhodopes

A total of 4329 animal species has been established in the Bulgarian part of the Eastern Rhodopes, which is quite a lot and which has a relationship with the special geographical position and the warm climate. 90% of the animal species are invertebrates, mostly insects with a Mediterranean type of...

Natura 2000 site Krumovitza

BG0002012  Surface – 11 183 hectares. The area includes the valleys in the middle course of the Krumovitsa River and its tributary Djushun Dere with the adjacent hills and slopes of the Eastern Rhodopes. It covers the sections of the Krumovitsa between the village of...

Natura 2000 site Byala Reka

BG0002019  Surface – 44 627 hectares. The area covers the Byala Reka watershed in the most south-eastern part of the Eastern Rhodopes, immediately next to the state border with Greece. It includes the Byala Reka valley and the surrounding mountain hills from the village...

Byala reka nature site

Tour description: full day, 15 km walking, medium-strenuous Area description: unspoiled wilderness, Mediterranean woodland and scrub, abandonded villages, picturesque river, Ancient dolmen and open air barbecue Highlights: Mediterranean species – Balkan terrapin, Snake-eyed lizard,...