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The NTG team

Frank Zanderink, АRК Nature - Leader of the NTG project Frank was born in 1962. He graduated from the Agricultural University of Wage­ningen, the Netherlands (Forestry with specialisation on wildlife and nature management). He has worked for GREENPEACE NETHERLANDS; for WWF -Zambia...

Activities of the NTG project

Plan organic agriculture 2012 Plan organic agriculture 2013

Focus groups contacts

Focus group - Kardzhali area: Galia Nikolova from Kardzhali– expert in regional advisory office of agriculture Georgi Sheremetiev – Studen Kladenets reserve, +359 889 279801,  Sabina Syulukchieva – regional...

Organic model farm

ORGANIC MODEL-FARM TOPOLOVO village,  MADZHAROVO municipality  This model-farm plays a key-role in the New Thracian Gold (NTG) Project.   NTG is a project of the Dutch Foundations Ark and Avalon and aims to support the Eastern Rhodopes region by combining organic ...

Organic agriculture - links

European portal for organic agriculture State fund agriculture "Bioselena" foundation Bulgarian Ogranic Products Association Bee health: How EFSA is helping to protect our pollinators - article Eco-farming can double food production - article  


1. Eco trail Bolyartsi to Perperikon (2,5 h)Municipality of Kardzhali, Eastern RhodopesMore than 5 millennia ago, ancient people started worshipping and bringing gifts to the Rock. Since those times, the complex which today we call Perperikon has passed through various stages of...

Local rare breeds

Local rare breeds are part of the living wealth of the planet. After thousands of years of natural and artificial selection, they are well adapted to the conditions of the environment in which they have been living for centuries, easy to satisfy, with inherited qualities and high viability....

Natura 2000 site Harmanliyska Reka

BG0002092  Surface – 4 889 hectares. Harmanliyska Reka covers a hilly area along the lower stream of the Harmanliyska river west from the town of Harmanli. To the north it borders to the main road E80, and to the west the site limit goes through the villages of Bryagovo and...

Farms and attractions

The Wild Farm in the village of Gorno Pole The Wild Farm is a non-traditional, organic farm in the village of Gorno Pole, Madzharovo Municipality. The young Vasilievi family, who are the owners, gave up their life in the big city to develop rural tourism in the old family house. Now they...