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Orpheus sanctuary near the village of Tatul

Location: At 15 km east of Momchilgrad in the area of Asara near the village of Tatul.
: This is the second most important megalithic monument in the Eastern Rhodopes and one of the unique Thracian megalithic monuments in Europe. Impressive religious complex at first described by Nikola Ivanov “Mastanli’s County Gazette” in 1933 on the dominant scale, which leads to cut in the rock steps, is shaped a unique domed tomb with two graves which were covered with slabs. It is assumed that the tomb is part of the religious complex, which underlies the idea of funerals out for public worship. There are preserved some service buildings and facilities, as well as part of the fortress wall. It is believed that in ancient times here were also carried out astronomical observations. Legend sais that here is the symbolic tomb of Orpheus. On both Perperikon and Tatul there is complete continuity between the pagan cults and Christianity. 
: Cultural monument of national importance, maintained by the Municipality of Momchilgrad.
: There is asphalt road on 500 m from the sanctuary and parking near the village of Tatul. The sanctuary itself is reached by well made dirt road.


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