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Lizards can be met almost everywhere in the countryside. Most numerous are green lizards and wall lizards which even can be seen in village gardens. Ecologically most interesting are those species restricted to specific natural habitat types.

Perhaps most intriguing species are the Scheltopusik – the largest lizard in Europe that looks like a snake or giant earthworm -  and Snake-eyed Lizard that occurs only in the valley of Byala Reka, because it demands lower altitudes.

Most frequently encountered snake species are Large Whip Snake, Grass Snake and Montpellier Snake. interesting snake species in the Eastern Rhodopes are the Sand Boa – the only one representative of the Boidae family in Europe, the European Blind Snake (European Worm Snake) and the European Cat Snake.

The water snakes are represented by two common species - the Dice Snake and the Grass Snake.

Тhe only one poisonous snake in Eastern Rhodopes that might be dangerous to human is the Horned Viper. It lives in rocky habitats and is easily identified by the single "horn" on the snout and the dark zigzag pattern on the back.  Usually the Viper is not aggressive and attacks only when it feels intimidated  – by attempt to capture or by step on.


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