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Fish fauna

26 fish species have been identified in the water habitats  of the Eastern Rhodopes. Four small species of the carp family are endemic in the Balkan Peninsula: Chondrostoma  vardarense, Vimba melanops , Barbus cyclolepis and Sabanejewia balcanica (Balkan Spined Loach). Very special, because only occurring in the Eastern Rhodopes - in the waters of Byala Reka river -  is Cobitis rhodopensis (Rhodopean spiny loach).

In the waters of the dam lakes in the Eastern Rhodopes occur the huge Wels Catfish, Pumpkinseed, Zander and several carp species and in the rivers occur Gobio gobio and several Cobitidae and Gobiidae species.

Places of interest

This section describes the natural and historical/cultural treasures of the Eastern Rhodopes. Concerning the nature and wilderness part, most...

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Wildlife photography promo tour

Together with our partners from Photosynthesis we invite you along to capture the beauty of the nature through the lens instead of in the...

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