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Ivaylovgrad – the kingdom of wild orchids

Tour description: 5 hours, 10 km walking, medium

Area description: Mediterranean scrub and woodland, wild landscape, abandoned villages, orchids and butterfly fauna

Highlights: Ivaylovgrad area features riverine Platanus orientalis and mixed oak forest, Dactylorhiza romana, Alnus glutinosa, Salix vitalba, Vitis sylvestris, Humulus lupulus, Phyllirea Latifolia, Asparagus acutifolius, Cistus incanus, Cephalanthera epipactoides, Ophrus cornuta, Ophrus mammosa, Ophrus apifera, Himantoglossum caprinum, Limodorum abortivum, Orchis papilionacea, etc.


Price per person: 

2 – 3 pax – 41 euro

4 – 5 pax – 27 euro

6 – 10 pax – 22 euro

11 – 12 pax – 16 euro


Prices include:

  • English speaking nature guide
  • Package lunch


Prices exclude:

  • Transport
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurence


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