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Wineries and degustation

Winery “Trakia” in the village of Popovets

Dimo Karaboyukov is a great host and inexhaustible source of stories about the Rhodope mountains, Stambolovo area and Popovets village. He can turn the tape of his family more than a century ago and tell you amazing stories about the old Bulgarians. Many of which are associated with the wine. And Dimo is not only a fan of the wine, but also a skillful winemaker. Winery "Trakia" produces five varieties of Dyado Dimovo Domashno Vino (Grandfather's Dimo Home-made Wine) - White, Rose, Merlot, Ruby and Amber. Dimo’s family grow their own organic vineyard in the village of Popovets, produce wine in their own winery, and take local products from producers for the wine-tastings. Thus you can really expeience the local athmosphere, agriculture and everyday life. The wine from Trakia winery can be found at the Information center of Kardzhali, as well as at the fairs AGRA, Vinaria, Holiday SPA&Expo and Green days in Bulgaria.

Wine producer Kiril Yonchev from the village of Tankovo

Kiril started as a young farmer with fruit trees and nut trees, but quickly got into vine-growing and wine-making. He currently grows over 35 acres of organic grapes in the village Tankovo, municipality of Stambolovo. He controls the whole process – from pruning the vines and harvesting to the transformation of the grapes into a tempting purple drink. The wines Cabernet and Merlot feature with an excellent taste. The local variety Tamianka is famous with its soft and fresh taste, accumulated all the warm Rhodope sunshine. In 2014, Kiril plans to reconstruct an old farm building into a winery where wine tastings will be offered. Currently his wine is available at the Information Center in Kardzhali, Bulgaria Blvd 74, and all fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria.


Winery "Svoboda Biotest" in the village of Stambolovo

The owner of the brand "Tokmakli", Yonko Gyudzhenov from Stambolovo, produces pure red wine from Cabernet Franc. He has his organically grown vines in the area Tokmakli. He has plans to build his own winery and offer degustation to tourists. His wine is with the protected geographical indication "Eastern Rhodopes". The  Tokmakli wine is for sale in the office of New Thracian Gold in Kardzhali, from shops in Haskovo, Asenovgrad, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. Yonko is partner of  "New Thracian Gold."



Winery "Yamantiev" - Ivaylovgrad

The winery in Ivaylovgrad is long known as a symbol of quality and tradition to the Bulgarian and world wine market. The Yamantiev family, who owns the winery, buys the grapes from private farmers and small producers, united in a local association. Ivaylovgrad’s  grapes grow in a warmer southern region, where the  climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea.  This is beneficial to the flavor, juiciness and tannins in the grapes. The available varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pamid, Syrah, and the new Viognier and Pinot Noir. The wine matures in young oak barrels. Degustation can be arranged upon prior request.

Winery "Mezek" in the village of Mezek

If you decide to visit the fortress in the village of Mezek, you should not miss to stop by the winery of Alexander Karapeev. He began producing wine as a hobby, which soon became his passion, as can be seen in every bottle of bright red liquid. The winery is small, using old traditional technology. The wine mostly goes to tourists and Mezek’s own network of customers. There is a degustation room in which Alexander tells the fascinating story of the winery and shows the route of the wine production. The Mezek wine is produced from the grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Mavrud, which are cultivated in the region.

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