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Fauna of the Eastern Rhodopes

A total of 4329 animal species has been established in the Bulgarian part of the Eastern Rhodopes, which is quite a lot and which has a relationship with the special geographical position and the warm climate. 90% of the animal species are invertebrates, mostly insects with a Mediterranean type of distribution.

Just  409 of the Eastern Rhodope animal species belong to the vertebrates (26 species of fishes, 12 species of amphibians, 30 species of reptiles, 276 species of birds and 65 species of mammals). Although the number of vertebrates seems low when compared to the invertebrates, the Eastern Rhodopes really are a hotspot for vertebrates.

Some of the most striking animals are the big predators (like Brown Bear, Wolf and Jackal, Marbled Polecat),the vultures (Egyptian Vulture, Griffon Vulture and Black Vulture),  many eagles ( Imperial, Golden, White-tailed,  Short-toed, Lesser-spotted, Booted Eagle), two species of tortoises, etc, etc 

Chernata Skala (the Black Rock)

The Chernata Skala protected site has an area of 893.70 ha. It was established with Order No:RD-473 of 11.07.2001 by the Ministry of the...

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Historical Sites

The Devil’s Bridge (Sheitan kyupryu)Location: Located on about 5 km north from Ardino near the village of Dyadovtsi.Description: Stone...

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