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NTG Workshop on the Natural Grazing

On 26 September, New Thracian Gold organized a workshop “Cattle and horses in the Eastern Rhodopes. Husbandry in natural conditions or natural grazing?” in the Nature conservation center Eastern Rhodopes in the town of Madzharovo. The target group of the workshop were local breeders practicing natural farming. Fokko Erhart, NTG Coordinator on wilderness and natural grazing presented the differences between breeding horses and cattle in the nature and the natural grazing.

Several issues on breeding animals in the nature and natural grazing were discussed and the participants shared the NTG experts their experience on finding solutions.

One of the most discussed topics was the increased percentage of wolf damages and possible ways to reduce the losses. Among the main reasons for increasing of wolf kills the participants indicated the increase of the number of the predators and the low number of the wild ungulates. Releases of large herbivores was mentioned as one of the possible solutions of the problem. One of the NTG activities are releases of wild horses Tarpans, Red deer and Fallow deer in the region of the Eastern Rhodopes.

The new HTG brochure on wilderness and natural grazing was presented. The participants in the workshop shared experience and learned a lot from each other.

The natural grazing of large herbivores is a key process for the sustainable development and maintenance of the natural ecosystems. Through natural grazing NTG works to restore and preserve the typical mosaic landscape of the Eastern Rhodopes and their unique biodiversity.


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