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Autumn Orchids Blooming in the Eastern Rhodopes

Autumn Lady's Tresses (Spiranthes spiralis) are blooming now in Eastern Rhodopes. The beautiful orchid can be observed in Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad area.

Autumn Lady’s Tresses is a small orchid which rarely exceeds 20 cm in height. Its beautiful white flowers are spirally arranged along the stem. This orchid occurs most frequency in open grasslands and meadows.

Autumn Lady’s Tresses is widespread over Europe and may be found from Scandinavia in the north to the Mediterranean in the south.  In many parts of Europe this is one of the latest flowering orchids which bloom in August and September. In the Eastern Rhodopes,  it flowers in September and early October.


Photo: Autumn Lady’s Tresses from Byala Reka area by Hristina Etarska

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