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The Vegetarian Party of “The New Thracian Gold” project

More than 120 people visited the Vegetarian party of the New Thracian Gold project (NTG) at the Green Days, festival in Sofia on 30 April, Saturday.

They tasted delicious Eastern Rhodopes products, most of them organic: walnuts and almonds from the village of Pelevun, sesame tahini from Ivaylovgrad, organic bread from spelt, organic honey, home-made cow cheese and apple jam from Gorno pole village. The organic mint tea from the village of Topolovo was highly appreciated among the visitors. The menu included also free-range eggs from the village of Madrets, home-made biscuits from Kardzhali town, wine from organic grapes from Stambolovo area. All food finished very quickly and most of the products at the NTG desk corresponding to the Vegetarian party menu were sold out.

On the next day, May 1, many people joined the Eastern Rhodopes brunch: yummy pastry (kapana banitsa), the specialty of the village of Madrets and organic mint tea from Topolovo village.

“The New Thracian Gold” project participated first time in Green Days, Spring festival of responsible tourism, nature and healthy living (28 April – 1 May). 178 Green Days visitors bought some of the Eastern Rhodopes products at the NTG desk. The Eastern Rhodopes tourist map, recently elaborated by the NTG team was one of the products most in demand.

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