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The Eastern Rhodopes in the Book ''Before the Oblivion''

There are ten stories about the Rhodopes in the  new book with travel stories and reportages “Before the oblivion” published by the journalist Rumen Stoichkov (Bulgarian National Radio). The book was launched  at Sofia’s International Book Fair on December 7th, and on December 10th at a special club event.  The “gem” among the ten stories  is Madzharovo - legends from the volcanos throatpublished in Gulliver news magazine in 2005.

"Madzharovo" is also the title of Rumen Stoichkov’s travel story awarded with the second prize in the second edition of the competition “Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature” organized by New Thracian Gold (NTG).

Rumen Stoichkov got many compliments for his book. Iva Tontcheva of NTG team invited all guest at the presentation event to discover the Eastern Rhodopes: reading the book, but also with their own eyes and heart while visiting the region. Rumen expressed his hopes to publish his awarded NTG travel story in his next book.

Rumen Stoichkov discovered Madzharovo and the Eastern Rhodopes during a media trip ten years ago. His journalist profession has brought him to many interesting places in Bulgaria and around the world, but he keeps unforgettable memories from Eastern Rhodopes – the adventurous boating and kayaking on the Arda River, the view of the river from the village of Gorno Pole. He can talk for hours about the beauty of the Ivailovgrad area.

Whenever possible, Rumen visits the Eastern Rhodopes. His impressions were broadcasted on Bulgarian National Radio and published in various newspapers and news magazines.

Rumen Stoichkov with diploma from NTG

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