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NTG stimulates the Reintroduction of the Fallow Deer in all Eastern Rhodopes

Foundation New Thracian Gold – Bulgaria started working in partnership with the national Hunting Association on the reintroduction of the Fallow deer in all the Eastern Rhodopes. Two releases of 120 animals are planned in the eastern and southern parts of the Eastern Rhodopes.

The preparation work for the reintroduction of the species is already in progress. The wildlife experts check the most appropriate locations and discuss the protection of the animals with potential partners. The  first resettlements are planned in the autumn of 2012.

The present core area  of Fallow deer in Bulgaria, without fencing, is in the reserve Studen Kladenets. Perhaps, this is the largest one in Europe, says NTG biodiversity expert Stefan Avramov. There is another interesting aspect about the Studen Kladenets Fallow Deer population: the numerous deer live here in  a predator-prey association with wolves. Unfortunately elsewhere in the Eastern Rhodopes, there is hardly any free roaming deer, although there are a few locations, like elsewehere in Bulgaria, where Fallow Deer are held in a  fenced situation.

According to data from 2012, there are more than  6,500 Fallow deer in Bulgaria. Over 1,500 animals inhabit the area south of the Studen Kladenets reservoir  - the Hunting reserve Studen Kladenets and its surrounding territories. Although the Studen Kladenets deer permanently try to colonize neighbouring territories, this process of natural resettlement is frustrated by poachers. Extra impulses are required to boost the deer colonisation elsewhere in the Eastern Rhodopes.

Fallow deer once was widespread in the Bulgarian territories. It has been featured in several Thracian treasures like the ones from Panagyurishte and Lukovit. It's bone remains have been found in almost all Bulgarian prehistoric settlements. It is assumed that it was probably exterminated by man in the Middle Ages. At the beginning of the 20th century, it's reintroduction in Bulgaria started.

Fallow deer preferably inhabits mosaic landscapes with deciduous forests and graslands. It lives in herds of several females with their young; males live separately. It reaches 20 to 25 years of age. It feeds on grass and foliage.


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