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„The Unknown Eastern Rhodopes“ on BNT - 2

On October 7th BNT, Bulgarian National Television broadcasted a 30 minute documentary on the Eastern Rhodopes and its huge potential for eco-toursim.The Unknown Eastern Rhodopeswas shown in the program slot called Traveling with BNT-2.

Hristo Hristov, coordinator on wilderness in New Thracian Gold (NTG) was the main guide in the immensely high biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes. The region is famous in Europe and around the world for its many birds of prey and Balkan endemic plants. In this area you can see 37 of the 39 birds of prey found in Europe!

Viewersvisitedthe Vulture Center in Madzharovo where they heard a fascinating lecture by the animator Sanie Myumyun about the life of the vultures and other birds. Next meeting was with the Dutch student Tim Asbreuk who did this summer a three month survey on the wolves in the NTG-region.

After the beautiful scenes of freely soaring vultures in the sky of Madzharovo the tv camera brought the viewers to the Kromlech near the village of Dolno Cherkovishte and to Kovan Kaya with its mysterious rock niches.

The highlight of the documentary was the meeting with the Tarpans, the wild horses that again inhabit the Eastern Rhodopes since September last year and feel already adapted to the conditions there.

After the talk with Anka and Mladen, farmer family that contributes to the the adaptation of the Tarpans and raises cows of the local rare breed Rhodopi Shorthorn Cattle in the village of Sbor, the tv audience met with Angelov's family, who has a guest house in the village or Rabovo and grow organic einkorn. The documentary showed a footage from the Festival of bread, which takes place in July and attracts many visitors and tourists with the reconstruction of the ancient harvest and tasting freshly baked einkorn bread.

Viewers saw how gyuzlemi, a typical Eastern-Rhodopean dish is made. It was demonstrated by Betty Vasilieva from "The Wild Farm" in the village of Gorno Pole. The tourists who come here become our friends and come more than once, Betty said. Half the guests ofThe Wild Farm" are foreigners who come here for the wildlife in the Eastern Rhodopes.

In conclusion, the authors of the documentary pointed out the enthusiasm of the people with whom they met. People who are committed to the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity of the Eastern Rhodopes.

See here the BNT documentary

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