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Hrancoop – an Opportunity for the Organic Producers in the Eastern Rhodopes

The newly born initiative Hrancoop provides opportunities for the produce of the organic and in conversion farmers in the Eastern Rhodopes, members of a network of New Thracian Gold.

Hrankoop is a free civil initiative that establishes a direct connection between consumers and producers. It is existing since 2,5 years as an Internet group. Their ambition is to provide the consumers an access to a good, pure and fresh food at affordable prices. Hrancoop supports agricultural producers with actions of solidarity in their farms and through direct orders to them. Hrankoop together with "Sun and Moon" started also the initiative of Friday farmers' market in Sofia. For the first time, the market was organized in June 2012. The launching was promising - milk and dairy products from a farm near Sofia, cherries from Kyustendil, vegetables from Malo Peshtene village, wheat, rye and hip jam from Strandzha, garlic and pickled vegetables from Dabovo village. Hrankoop plans to organize special food days of the season.

Hrancoop informs on its website about "producers who produce quality food products and enjoy their trust and support." Until recently, people could order via the website organic lentils, an action for buying pumpkins Hokkaido.

Hrankoop initiative can be very useful opportunity for the network of the NTG producers in the Eastern Rhodopes. They have many products that would find a good market in Sofia, Plovdiv and on Hrankoop online- grapes, fruits, honey, herbs, sesame, tahini,wine, etc. Many of these products are organic or will be soon with a an organic certificate. The logo of New Thracian Gold is one more guarantee for good quality.

Hrancoop website:

Hrahcoop in facebook:

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