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Betty from NTG Network Awarded at Food Exhibition in Kardzhali

Blagovesta Vassilieva from the New Thracian Gold network won the Award for the most young agricultural producer of the exhibition “The agriculture in the Rhodopes – a source for high quality and healthy foods” organized in Kardzhali on October 18th.

She gave the award to her son Mitko, a valuable helper in the family that operates “The Wild Farm” in the village of Gorno Pole (Madzharovo Municipality) and breed approximately 450 Rodopi Shorthorn cattle and Bulgarian Grey cattle, sheep and horses. The farm has an organic farming certification for the veal, honey and vegetables from their garden and also for the pastures where the animals graze. Mitko did no receive the award directly only because he is not officially registered as a farmer. One day this will happen. And it would be only formal because the buy is a farmer at heart!

Other organic and in conversion producers form the NTG network participated in the exhibition: Petko and Stefka Angelovi from Rabovo, Dimo Karaboyukov from Popovets, Kassim Arabadzhiev, the owner of the NTG demonstrative farm in Topolovo, Georgi Koychev, Yonko Todorov... They presented wine, honey, einkorn, apples, pears, mint, etc. Several farmers run guest houses and farms open to visitors and they promoted them at the exhibition.

The exhibition was organized by Foundation for Organic Agriculture 'Bioselena' within the project Agri-Genomics Transfer and Dissemination Between Greece & Bulgaria under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013.

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